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Douglas County, NE Launches Mobile Citizen Service Request App

by Andrew K Kirk

Douglas County, the most populous county in Nebraska, has launched a new smartphone application which allows citizens to identify and report non-emergency civic issues, such as public works, quality of life, and environmental issues. This mobile reporting platform brings an incredible collaboration with the Omaha Mobile App  and will improve how Douglas County delivers services to its neighborhoods.

‘Douglas County Citizen Connect’ allows a user to capture a photo, video, or audio of the problem. The user then uploads the media and, along with GPS location information pulled directly from the device, submits a report directly to the appropriate department. Once a report is submitted, feedback is provided to the user based on the action taken by the department handling the report.


When someone reports an issue through the application, the request goes directly to the department that will handle it, making the process more efficient. – Diane Wallace, IT Coordinator

Using ‘Douglas County Citizen Connect’ allows the city to use technology to save time and money, while improving accountability. In addition, the application verifies that the item being reported is within the city boundaries. If there is a pothole, for instance, outside the city boundaries, the GPS tracking service from the device the sender is using will identify the location of the issue being reported and notify the sender.

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Andrew K KirkDouglas County, NE Launches Mobile Citizen Service Request App