One Citizen App to Rule Them All

Make your citizen's life easy! CitySourced is the only citizen engagement platform that offers cities and counties a one-stop, native mobile app solution for your citizens.

One Platform for Engaging Citizens

Citizens expect more out of their government app than just service requests. With CitySourced, you can deploy an unlimited number of applications to a single native app. From paying bills to election info to FAQs or newsletter signups - downloading a single app is easier for citizens, and it's easier for you!

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Nothing's Better Than Native

Responsive web is nice, but ask Facebook, LinkedIn, Uber, and Starbucks. They'll tell you that nothing beats the native mobile experience. Your citizens expect this same experience from you.

Your Branding, Through & Through

You and your team have worked hard to create a unique brand. Our solution showcases your brand allowing an unparalleled level of customization in the industry. Colors, graphics, text - it's all you.

A Platform to Build & Grow On

How to you fight app sprawl? By deploying a solution rather than an app. Our platform allows you to deploy existing applications as well as build new ones - all through a single downloadable app for citizens.

Seamlessly Integrate with Existing Systems

You and your team already use specialized software for things like asset management, permitting & licensing and content management. We work seamlessly with most major software systems so you don't have to.

Enterprise Grade GIS Support

No other mobile platform vendor has invested as heavily into the ESRI ecosystem as we have. Custom geocoders? Check. Custom map services? Check. Integration with Feature Services? Check.

Choosing CitySourced to provide a mobile app to our citizens was an easy decision to make. Working with their team was a joy, and all of our expectations were greatly exceeded. Their ability to leverage the features of all the latest mobile devices is one of the best in the industry.

Brian Stein
Town of Marana, AZ

The Honolulu 311 software solution by CitySourced has drastically reduced the cost of taking complaints from the public, from $6 per phone call to just over 60 cents. That’s a 10x ROI on our investment.

Gordon Bruce
City & County of Honolulu, HI

Within the first 8 months of launching the CitySourced solution, the school system cut its maintenance request processing expenses by 75%.

Danny Lu
LA Unified School District

We’re using CitySourced to connect people and their government through smart technologies that improve efficiency, communication and engagement.

Erick Garcetti
Los Angeles, CA

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Robust features such as:

  • Custom Branded Apps

    iOS, Android & HTML Apps - All Branded to Your Liking

    Whether it's iOS, Android or plain HTML, your app can be branded however you see fit. Want to configure a custom home page layout? What about a custom navigation bar? How about matching your color scheme? Custom graphics and icons? Yep, you can do all that and more. Your app is a reflection of you - we make it simple to promote your brand and connect with citizens.

    With CitySourced, you have virtually unlimited configuration options paired with beautiful design and thoughtful user experiences. Configure multiple layouts and swap them on the fly. Changes you make are reflected in real time and without the need for users to update their apps in the app store. We leverage FontAwesome so you have almost 4,000 icons to choose from - your options are endless. And to make things easy, we've created quick start templates to get your up and running fast.

    custom, branded native app layouts

  • CRM & 311

    Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) & 311 Made Easy

    Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti once said that CitySourced was, "City Hall in the palm of your hand." He could not have been more right. By deploying the CitySourced platform to your constituents, you give them them the power to engage with you directly. Using their mobile devices as a direct means to communicate with them, you can provide more meaningful, personal and effective services at a lower cost than ever. Giving them a single point of contact is easier for them... and for you!

    With a single app, citizens can track their service requests, view their messages and engage with you directly. With each application you deploy to their device through CitySourced, you drive even more value. City staff can, in turn, view each citizen's interactions in a single place. From service requests, comments, waste reminders and more, it's all there in one spot for your team to manage and gain valuable insights.

    And while a single app is hugely beneficial for constituents, it's even more so for your organization. Instead of trying to get citizens to download multiple apps, you can focus your marketing efforts on a single app. Similarly, you now have a single communication channel to communicate with citizens. Imagine trying to manage, market and engage with multiple apps, in all the various app stores - you've just increased your workload by a factor of X. Keep it simple, for both you and your citizens. Deploy the CitySourced platform and never worry about app sprawl again.

  • Back Office Integrations

    The Most Out-Of-Box Back Office Integrations. Period.

    At it's core, CitySourced is enterprise software. In government operations, just like in the private sector, it's important that all staff and departments are on the same page. We facilitate that collaboration through an extensive library of out-of-box integrations with most every major back office government software solution. From asset management, to permitting & licensing to GIS systems, we have to completely covered. Here are just a few of the systems we support.

    back office out-of-box integrations

  • Analytics & Reporting

    Robust Analytics & Reporting for Making Data Driven Decisions

    Data is what makes a CRM live and breath. But data by itself isn't useful. Organizations need to be able to make sense of their data, and with CitySourced, you can do this in spades. Data can be filtered in a number of ways, a few of which include: Date, Geography/Location, Request Type, Status, and Staff Assignment. You can even perform operations (like 'sum' or 'average') on data fields to create additional insights. Filters you use often can be saved and shared among your team or organization to facilitate collaboration. Reports can downloaded or emailed to colleagues. You can even schedule saved report configurations to be emailed at set intervals!

    Stop using that old (or even new) system that doesn't provide the insights you need. In order to properly and efficiently deliver services to your constituents, you need to have actionable data that's easily understood. With CitySourced, you all of this and more.

  • Developer APIs & SDKs

    Extend Our Platform by Building Your Own Apps

    With the CitySourced Platform, our customers and partners get unlimited access to our full suite of robust APIs (Application Programming Interface) and SDKs (Software Development Kit). Using these tools, your developers can create a myriad of applications, including those you need to deploy through your custom, branded native iOS and Android apps!

    Want to sync your data with an another system? Done. How about an application that automatically pulls log files into your BI system? Done. Or what about an application that aggregates all your social media channels into a single feed for your residents? Done.

    These developer tools provide an unparalleled level of customization you won't find anywhere else. You're limited only by your creativity. So what are you going to build?

  • Email & Push Notifications

    Communicate with Your Customer Where They Are

    Nearly 80% of Americans and growing have a smartphone device. With access to hundreds of services online, virtually all of us now use these devices on a daily basis to perform tasks from banking to communicating with friends and family to booking movie tickets. When the iPhone debuted in 2007, it took the world by storm. Now, over 10 years later, we can't imagine life without them.

    With the CitySourced Platform and our CRM (Constituent Relationship Management) system, you can send unlimited email and native PUSH notifications to your residents, keeping them updated on things as simple as their service request's status to the more important like road closures or disaster updates/instructions. 

    Meet your customers right where they, be it at home or on the go. Connect with them. Communicate with them. Delight them.

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