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Leveraging the Latest Technology


In today's trying times, municipalities are facing public pressures to optimize tax dollars while fulfilling mandates of transparency. Now, more than ever, finding solutions that do more with less is a top priority.

With CitySourced's iCityHall® technology, municipalities now have the opportunity to use technology to save time and money, while improving accountability to those they govern. It is a collaborative solution for real action that engages citizens and streamlines government workflows.

And with CitySourced's native smartphone technology, custom mobile reporting applications to your citizens and residents across all the major smartphone platforms (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, & Windows Phone). A picture tells a thousand words and CitySourced makes it a snap.

Currently Available On...
Windows Phone

Integrate Seamlessly


CitySourced equals integration. CitySourced has a suite of API's, prebuilt scripts and connectors that allow us to integrate into the leading CRM, AMS, and GIS systems. This integration means your staff doesn't have to learn a new process or spend extra time updating another system. This also means that IT Departments do not need to get involved or deal with integration headaches.

As the case escalates, all status updates and comments are automatically and immediately pushed to your citizens and residents.

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Real Time Reporting

smartphone with photo sensor
Photo Sensor
Hi resolution photos allow staff and workers to see exactly what they need before they even get in the truck.

Bad data wastes money and resources and we take the guess work out of servicing customer issues. The apps leverage the camera and the GPS in the smartphone to capture a service request, gathering all available data.

Harnessing the GPS and compass within smartphones allows us to locate the user and find out which direction they are looking. The camera and microphone capture high resolution photos, video, and/or audio of what they are reporting. Having visual data allows you to understand exactly what the user is reporting and triage the issue before the truck even rolls out of the depot. You no longer have to worry about faulty or incomplete data.

Ready to Engage Your Citizens?

Instant Notifications


With Push Notifications residents are updated every step of the way. The system immediately and automatically pushes a status update back to the residents' mobile phone. Not only does this free up your phone line, this engages your residents with automated feedback that was impossible for your organization to deliver before. They can now see how smart and hard you are working for them through each step of the process. The result is a complete, full circle communication loop between your team and your customers.

Engage your residents and citizens without additional costs! With CitySourced, you can keep your customers abreast of what's going on with their service requests in a completely automated, efficient way.

Ready to Cut Costs?

Simple, With No Software


No software, no headaches! Capital improvement budgets are tighter than ever, so CitySourced has built a robust, off the shelf solution that is low risk and low cost. CitySourced builds and maintains the application for you. This system runs on Microsoft's Azure & Esri ArcGIS in the cloud. With 99.9% uptime, you can guarantee your system is always up and running.

Furthermore, because it's hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) system, there are no additional hardware nor personnel requirements on your end. Once your account has been created it's a 'set and forget' solution. We also make it easy for a Systems Analyst to configure and manage the solution.

For those municipalities that don't want the cloud, we do offer an on-premise solution. Request more information or schedule a demo by clicking below.

microsoft windows azure

Ready to Cut Costs?

Built In Esri Maps


No one knows your municipality better then you, and no one has better geographic data then your GIS department. Leverage your GIS investment with the only solution that features rich integration with the Esri GIS ecosystem. Whether its pulling data into your ArcGIS Desktop for analysis, to serving up your city maintained maps, CitySourced uses your existing GIS infrastructure and the latest tools from Esri (Web API's & Mobile SDK's) to deliver up to date information to your staff, citizens and residents.

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