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Welcome to ZenFunder
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• Re-open closed recreation centers
• Raise money for classroom supplies
• Expand library services and hours
• Get a street light or stop sign installed
• Much, much more...
Welcome to ZenFunder, the Only Crowdfunding Tool Built Specifically for Local Government & Education
Local Governments sign up for ZenFunder, which allows residents and municipalities to take direct action and improve their community. Once your government is active on ZenFunder anyone can create new projects for funding. We offer a free version of ZenFunder, or for an annual fee your organization can gain access to more robust tools for managing ZenFunds. The chart below compares the features of each version.
Free Version Premium Version
Minimum Contribution Amount $10 Configurable ($10 Min.)
Fee on Contribution 7% 5%
Credit Card Processing Fee 3% 3%
Approval Thresholds Fixed Configurable
Approval / Funding Durations Fixed Configurable
Number of Admin Accounts 1 Unlimited
Number of User Accounts 3 Unlimited
Included Support Email Telephone & Email
Assistance with Community Outreach Checked: Yes   (1 ZenFund / Month)
Corporate Contributions Checked: Yes
Gov't / School Contributions Checked: Yes
Domain Masking Checked: Yes
Setup Costs $1,000 $1,000
Annual Costs $0 $1,200
We're waiving setup costs for 30 days!
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We're waiving setup costs for 30 days!
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Zen Funder is a new product from CitySourced that allows residents and municipalities to take action and improve their community. Using Zen Funder Citizens or Municipalities to propose projects and raise the funds necessary to complete them, while also making sure requirements, budgets, and assessments are completed. By combining the best parts of crowdfunding and participatory budgeting to create a platform that keeps in mind the needs of a city while allowing for private/public funding of municipal projects.

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